Military Facts

Military Facts

Recent veterans are still having trouble finding work.

The Solution


The AloriCares diversity initiative was created to support American lives by connecting business opportunity and military talent in local communities.


Alorica is the only certified Minority Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provider that provides multifaceted veterans' programs that complement the positives of military service.


Alorica enables veterans to mainstream back into society and allows them to recapture a sense of purpose, stability and security.

Our Mission

AloriCares is a veterans and active duty military spouse corporate initiative of Alorica. AloriCares offers programs supporting employment, leadership training and development, educational scholarships, sponsorship and mentoring. .

Our Employee Programs Include...

Employment Path Programs

  • Employment at all levels throughout the company
  • Call Center Agents / Corporate Hire Programs
  • Veteran / Service / Disabled Veteran / Spouse Call Center Solutions

Mentorship Programs

  • Employee Resource Group
  • Executive Sponsors & Mentoring Programs

Executive Leadership Development Program

  • Call Center Leadership Intern Program
  • Executive Leadership Development Program

Scholarship Program

  • Children of AloriCares College Scholarships
  • Veterans Blue Ribbon School Scholarships and Working Internships